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[中学] 梅首相大选走麦城可能会导致中产阶级家庭孩子上公立Grammar School更困难!



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在教育方面梅超风最主要的改革就是要增加公立Grammar school,她上台时候宣布的这个打算让很多middle class家庭高兴了一下子,她大选的走麦城导致不得不取消了这个计划  GRAMMARS DITCHED Plans to expand grammar schools shelved after being left out of Queen’s Speech, Education Secretary Justine Greening confirms  https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/38 ... -greening-confirms/,这说明了一个问题,政治风向发生了变化,反对Grammar school的势力取得了上风,那对英格兰现存的163所公立grammar意味着什么?

英格兰现存的163所公立grammar可能需要改革来应对政治风向发生的变化,King Edward VI Aston School 已经改变了录取政策,它留出25%的名额给享受pupil premium的学生(就是disadvantaged pupils ),享受pupil premium相当于是来自低收入家庭,目前公立grammar的学生只有3%的学生free school meals。这个学校的政策就是减少了给其它学生的名额,这样middle class家庭的孩子考公立grammar的难度就增加了。King Edward VI Aston School 说有可能以后会提高配额给pupil premium的学生,其它学校还没有动静,但如果有的学校开始这样做,其它学校也有可能会这样做的。

What now for grammar schools?

It was Theresa May's controversial big idea, to open a wave of new grammar schools in England.

It dramatically restarted a row over academic selection at the age of 11 which for almost 20 years had been quietly sidelined.

The speech defining her vision of a "great meritocracy" was just last September, but those plans have been shredded by the election.

So what has changed for England's 163 grammar schools and the many non-selective schools affected by them?

On the surface apparently nothing, beneath that almost everything.

Or, as one grammar school leader said to me "politically, grammar schools are now an issue in a way they weren't. The 1997 ban on new selective schools brought a truce. David Cameron respected that truce."

The school of Theresa May's former chief of staff, Nick Timothy, has a special place in this story.

King Edward VI Aston School looks like a bastion of tradition, but it's taken a radical step to become more inclusive.

At Aston a quota system has been introduced to set aside 25% of places for pupil premium children who had passed the entrance test.

This means their family income will have been low enough at some point in the last six years to entitle them to free school meals.

Similar quota systems were widely expected to be part of any plans for new grammar schools, which overall have only 3% of pupils on free school meals.

There was even the possibility they might have been applied to existing grammar schools.

Aston is part of a foundation that runs six of Birmingham's grammar schools.

Executive director Heath Monk thinks the ditched plans, guided by May's chief of staff, might have been more surprising than many realised.

"Nick Timothy was unique in seeing the expansion of grammar schools, and making them more inclusive, as part of the same agenda."

Grammar schools, quietly tolerated for years, found themselves in the spotlight.
A question of inclusivity

Our BBC investigation of admission policies showed fewer than half gave priority to poorer children when allocating places.

This included some schools with poor neighbourhoods on their doorstep.

A new law might have compelled grammar schools to change, but without that what will happen to efforts to make them socially inclusive?

At the King Edward VI grammar schools Mr Monk says they hope to go significantly further than the current 20-25% quotas.

The risk of slightly lower exam results down the road is one they can take as the foundation runs most of the grammar schools in Birmingham.
Secondary moderns revisited

About 5% of England's secondary school pupils are educated in a grammar school.

The influence of selection is greater, because grammar schools only give places to about a quarter of the children in their areas.

The other local schools accept children who don't reach the score needed, don't sit the test or have special needs.

"We'll be back to the bad old days, where people didn't recognise we still had grammars and secondary moderns," Ian Widdows tells me.

He's the head teacher at Giles Academy in Boston Lincolnshire, which he is proud to call a secondary modern.

He set up the National Secondary Moderns Association to gain recognition that they do a good job for the pupils they have.

This matters, says Mr Widdows, because the system that judges how schools are performing uses GCSE results as a key measure.

"It's based on a misguided assumption that we have a comprehensive system," he says.

But there is now a new performance measure, of the progress made by pupils, which should make the system fairer.

There are 163 grammar schools in England, but just 213 schools classed as "non-selective schools in highly selective areas", which are effectively secondary moderns.

Many more do not wish labelled as such, perhaps fearing some kind of stigma.

But Ian Widdows believes the true number of secondary moderns is closer to 600.

There is just one recent example of a new grammar school site opening.

In Sevenoaks this September the first pupils will arrive at what is officially an annexe of the Weald of Kent grammar school more than 10 miles away.

Threatened legal challenges have been dropped, but the new site will be closely watched by anti-selection campaigners.

It will have to prove it is truly operating as part of the existing grammar school.

Such is the legal complexity that few believe there will be more grammar annexes of this kind in the near future.

That does not mean the number of grammar school places will not go up.

None of the £50m promised by Theresa May for expansion appears to have been allocated, and it's not clear if its still available.

But in counties such as Gloucestershire grammar schools have simply expanded on their existing sites, to the consternation of other secondary head teachers who face losing pupils and money.

There's a simple reason why some grammar schools are adding a form of entry, as each pupil brings funding.

"A significant number of grammar schools are looking at a very bleak financial future," says Charlotte Martens, vice-chairman of the Grammar School Heads Association.

This is partly an accident of geography, as many grammar schools are in lower funded areas.

The low number of pupil premium pupils they admit also means less money.

Change to survive

As head teacher of Rugby High School, Charlotte Martens has decided to join forces with a nearby non-selective academy to form one organisation running both schools.

In the last budget Philip Hammond promised to extend free school transport to up to 15 miles for poorer pupils attending a grammar school.

It's a promise she hopes they keep as it would allow her school to extend its catchment for children from low income families to Nuneaton or Hinckley.

That would make the school more inclusive and bring in more money.

Ms Martens also thinks the debate has shifted significantly after the last year.

"It's opened up some wounds which go back a long way, everybody feels slightly shakier," she said.

Privately many argue that canny grammar schools will have to keep on changing to survive.

Politics is in a more febrile and unpredictable state than for a generation.

The truce, now broken, means it's not impossible that calls for the abolition of existing schools could reappear from the left.


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所以说在英国工薪阶级领child tax credit福利是硬道理。  不在于钱多钱少,和iPhone 一样是social status symbol
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eft9000 发表于 2017-06-28 20:50
所以说在英国工薪阶级领child tax credit福利是硬道理。  不在于钱多钱少,和iP...

“squeezed middle” is getting squeezed even more。
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担心政府对现有的grammar school的投入和支持更少。
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有房吧?别想了  发表于 2017-6-29 06:20
可以研究研究  发表于 2017-6-29 01:11
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也就是说,为了让孩子上grammar school, 不得不争取去拿福利了。。。是需要个人年收入低于11000? 这个收入也完全不是区分中产的标准啊。


还不至于走那么极端。  发表于 2017-6-29 02:43
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liampooh 发表于 2017-06-28 23:51
担心政府对现有的grammar school的投入和支持更少。

这个倒是不用担心,因为目前grammar school本来也没有什么extra funding。
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Porklover 发表于 2017-06-29 05:28

你们Kent郡是grammar school区,公众对grammar的支持比较强,所以你就放心吧。
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