The food is served in an oriental manner with several dishes being placed in the centre of the table and shared by all the people eating. Chopsticks and bowl are not used unless Chinese food is being eaten. Instead Thai people eat with a spoon and fork off a flat plate. They pile the plate with rice and sample other dishes in turn, a single small spoonful being taken at a time. Dishes are not usually mixed on one eating plate as each has a distinct flavour, mixing together can detract from the taste. At En-Thai-Sing we do our utmost to keep to the true authentic Thai recipes in all our dishes. Our ‘new to Thai’ customer should note that some Thai food can be very spicy, so please feel free to ask us to adjust the seasoning to suit oneself, either mild or full Thai heat. To ensure freshness of flavour and to enable individual preference to be taken into account, all our dishes are freshly cooked to order.



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