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Onletoo Study abroad Returning Service Website Entrusted agency to submit to the ministry of education certification Fail to deal with proof of study abroad returnees Data not complete can't deal with degree certificate Within a year to deal with the embassy certification of their role: 1, the ministry of education certification requirements 2, buy duty-free 3. To start a business, scheduling work, left turn account, their children to school, to have more children on the account, the purchase of housing, apply to domestic all kinds of scientific research funds, the assessment title, enter oneself for an examination officeholder In the ministry of education service center certification degree of function: into state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, institutions and professional evaluation, civil service exam, such as education, employment and returned people take part in all kinds of professional qualifications test, Country (condition) outside the degree certificate of the main contents: 1. Identification of country (condition) outside the degree certificate or the legitimacy of the institutions of higher education diploma awarded; 2. Identify country (condition) outside university or other institutions of higher education issued by the academic degree certificate, or have a degree of effectiveness of higher education diploma authenticity; 3. The country (condition) outside put forward the corresponding relationship between China's degree degree certification consultation; 4. For the kingdom of certified assessment (condition) outside the degree certificate or diploma of higher education issued a written certificate (hereinafter referred to as "certification"). Country (condition) outside the scope of certification of degree: 1. In a foreign university or other institutions of higher education study formal course obtained corresponding qualifications degree certificate or diploma of higher education; 2. Approved by the education administrative department under the state council of China in chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools (project) of the study country (condition) outside obtained academic degree certificate, in the Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government for examination and approval, the administrative department for education under the state council for the record and be submitted to China's college education, non-academic higher education of a chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school study (project) country (condition) outside the higher education diploma obtained CONTACT ME URL: SKYPE: onletoo MSN/MAIL: QQ/TM: 1399828369

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