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年份: 1998 里程: 110K miles catering van for sale, ford transit 190, year 1998, in working condition. Please call for viewing & price negotiation, MOT & road tax end on feb 2012. we were selling chinese & english food, decided to sell it due to my wife have to look after 2 little kids and it's hard to work alone. This van only use gas to run all stuff, we use 2 large coolboxs with thermo freezer blocks to store drinks and all raw material, it really save a lot compare to generator which was used approximately £5 a day. -Non slip flooring -1x basket chips/fish fryer (only 3 months old) -6x bains marie -1x big griddle -1x Powerful Wok burner (for wok/flat pants/pots) -1x sink -1x hot water boiler -lots of space -lots of cupboard -1 x 19kg cyclinder gas FREE catering equipment -1x chest freezer (picture 9, for home use) -1x Fridge (picture 8, for home use) -3x large coolboxs -2x woks -1x very large pot -lots of take away box, forks, spoons, paperbag, plastic bag and utensils *REMARKS: BACK DOOR LOCK IS NOT WORKING, WE HAVE BOUGHT AN EXTERNAL LOCK BUT NOT YET FIX IT. DASHBOARD METER IS NOT WORKING BUT CAN BE REPLACE ONE AROUND £50. Please call 07799356621 or 07912317321 for more information. Thank you

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