T2 General ILR Consent letter需要交几部分


PART 1: Consent for the Home Office to verify application information
You (the applicant) should sign the Part 1 consent, and relevant other parties should sign Part 2 and 3, where they are relevant to your application. You must send them with your supporting documents If you fail to do, your application may be refused.
Where any of the information or documentation also relates to someone else (for example a joint bank account or joint utility bill) you should ask that person or persons to sign PART 2 of the consent form.
From the applicant

PART 2: Consent for the Home Office to verify third party information
If any information or documentation provided n is in the joint names of the applicant and another person (or persons), the joint owner should sign the following declaration:
The above-named person (‘the applicant’) has given the Home Office information or documentation and agreed that the Home Office can check that such information or documentation is genuine and/or correct. I am a joint owner with the applicant of some or all of that

PART 3: Consent for the Home Office to verify information from third party sponsor
If the information or documentation relates to another person or persons who is to provide the applicant with financial support, that person or persons* should sign the following declaration: