Do hot girls play Diablo 3 or MMORPG

Do hot girls play Diablo 3 or MMORPG type of games?

Nah they more into Texas strip 'em sorta poker game

so there are not nerd fit girls?


to answer your questions…hot gals usually dont play game… they’re more interested in shopping {:5_142:}

since i am not hot…I did play game… D2 and WoW…

but right now I have no time{:5_145:}

knew lots of girls play D2, WOW, but not met any epic female player yet

Do cool guys go to hair saloon or manicure/pedicure?

For sure there is…how bout nerdy-taylor :stuck_out_tongue:

LOTRO (just handed over my kin leadership to a young man a few months ago…)
But I am not hot
Hot girls do not play pc games or mmorpg, they spend their time in front of their mirrors and swirling on high streets
Girls that play games are female geeks…

Cool guys do
Only geeks don’t

I m not hot gal so i only touch a bit of it lol

But Asis serve only at the moment waiting for UK one

They are usually called fags

{:5_147:} geek…{:5_129:}

I tried to purchase a copy of the game just now. Everywhere is sold out…


should hv ask me earlier

… i went round all the shops in my local area. All sold out, i was not pleased as i had to drive to the next town and still couldn’t get it

I mean I am not qualified as a geek…

Geek FTW {:5_142:}

She would get smashed

are you refering to you are kinda hot so you kinda play a bit

我工会的长老都这么说 GEEK FTW!