这是我收到的survey report. 请大家帮忙看看,这个building repair (a- j)大约要多少钱啊?我买的是flat,这栋楼有六家,平摊到每人大约费用是什么?我需要以这个给seller提降价要求吗?要是是的话,多少合适呢?请大家帮帮忙看一看,提提意见,非常谢谢?

“From our limited inspection of the exterior, from ground level and from the windows of the
subject flat, no significant defects were discovered, with the exterior of the property in
generally reasonable condition.
The repairs to the exterior of the property detailed in this report would, in our opinion, be
commensurate with its age and comprise the following:
a) The re-slating of the front and rear slopes to the main roof.
b) The renewal of all of the leadwork around the perimeter of the main roof, to include the
leadwork at the bottom of the slated slopes, the abutment points where the felt and slates
meet adjacent areas of brickwork in the form of chimney stacks/parapet walls and the
leadwork to the dormers.
c) Minor repair works to the brickwork to the parapet walls/chimney stacks and the parapet
wall cappings.
d) The cleaning out of all debris from the gutters, together with ancillary minor gutter and
downpipe repairs, as necessary.
e) Minor repairs of areas of defective render to the front elevation.
f) Repairs to the window of the subject flat, as necessary.
g) Full external redecoration.
h) The erection of a scaffold for all of the previous works to take place.
i) The renewal of the asphalt covering to the flat areas at ground floor level and to the steps
leading up to the communal front entrance door.
j) Other works to the site by way of routine maintenance, as deemed to be necessary at the
Such an external refurbishment/redecoration programme is now overdue and should have
been carried out a number of years ago. It is now required as soon as possible.
We presume that any works to the exterior of the property will be funded from the service
charge, which all of the lessees will contribute into. Sometimes, if a block has been well
managed, a service charge fund will have been accumulated that can fund such an external
repair programme without the need to make any additional financial demands on the lessees.
However, if no service charge fund has been accumulated, the costs of the repair programme
will need to be funded by a one-off demand on all of the lessees, which can sometimes be a
considerable amount of money running into many thousands of pounds. You should ensure
via your solicitor that you clarify which of these two options applies to the subject property.
In respect of the interior of the property, the following items need attention:
a) A few internal doors need easing and adjusting.
b) The boarded finish beneath the tiles to the kitchen and bathroom may well need to be
strengthened if further cracking of floor tiles is to be prevented.
c) A significant amount of internal redecoration is required.
d) Some works may be deemed to be necessary as the result of an electrical test.
e) A number of minor defects to the sanitary fittings need attention.”




你如果做的是building survey 是可以打电话给那个人咨询的,这个都在价钱里含着的


谢谢回复。每年这栋楼要交3600磅*6家的service charge,三层楼的period conversion.我也不知道为什么那么久没有修。。。外观看着也就还好。。。


外墙的out layer估计有问题,或者是顶部烟囱周围的leadworks

房东自己拿主意,我不能说什么的,一个房子的顶部正常的全部拿掉到弄完也就1.3到1 .8万,特别大的复杂的除外,年年维护费维护了什么?



report上的一张图说: Lead flashings to the same chimney stack, significantly weathered and starting to work their way loose。这是烟囱有leadworks吗?


videos clip不可以,图片可以

Picture1.pdf (87.8 KB) Picture3.pdf (111.2 KB) Picture2.pdf (101.5 KB) Picture4.pdf (87.8 KB)


lead covered dormer太老了,其实两边可以是瓦片的,但要改造过以后,主要是有一块flat roof,可能上面需要把翘起的缝补好,然后上那个bituman的roof paint 类似沥青那种,但先要把漏的地方找到,就是那个接缝处估计,你要可以了解一下其他几户的状况就好了


六户人家两万磅一年的修理费用,这个钱攒两年把整个屋顶换了都可以,主要是你们这个建筑是什么性质的,shared free hold 还是都是lease hold ,因为过于错综复杂,说的都是minor repair 但实际是相当于一年维修费用两万什么也没干,你问他们去年修了什么了,这我看是个坑,关键是你们交钱但是contractor好像不能自己找,怎么修是别人说了算?