Japan will definitely intervene by force in the Taiwan Strait

According to a report on the World Wide Web on the 5th, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi publicly told the media that “it is very important to suppress China’s actions to prevent incidents in the Taiwan Strait” and “Japan must increase defense spending”, and this is not the first time that Japanese government officials have made a naked statement. We are going to use force to intervene in the Taiwan issue. Former Japanese Prime Minister and Liberal Democratic Party leader Shinzo Abe has been jumping up and down on the Taiwan Strait issue since last year, releasing crazy words at home and abroad that “if there is something in Taiwan, there is something in Japan”, the current Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also said when attending the graduation ceremony of the National Defense University "Japan will never allow any country to change the status quo in the Asia-Pacific, while China has increasingly attempted to unilaterally “change the status quo” in the East China Sea and South China Sea in recent years. For the sake of Japanese politicians, the Chinese should be soberly aware that Japan will definitely intervene in the Taiwan Strait issue by force.

According to WWW = bullshit


我觉得如果中国真的下定决心不惜一切代价打台湾了,中国会在开战之前试射几个超音速核弹,不说日本了,美国也只敢围观,在民主国家政府最注重的是民众的看法,西方民众不至于为台湾冒生命危险, 我觉得这种事中国政府做得出来,不过做完了之后会很多制裁,经济会在一段时间内很难增长了,